This release presents the successor to the OpenEaagles project called the Mixed Reality Simulation Platform (MIXR). To facilitate the transition from OpenEaagles to MIXR, no API or functional changes have been made from the previous OpenEaagles release (v17.06a); all changes are associated with the renaming of project artifacts. This includes the name of include file paths (e.g., #include “mixr/base/Object.hpp” as opposed to #include “openeaagles/base/Object.hpp”), namespace (i.e., “namespace mixr” as opposed to “namespace oe”), and compiled libraries (e.g., “mixr_base” as opposed to “oe_base”).

The mixer platform provides lots of support for building highly interactive (real-time) simulation applications, that often include graphics and interoperability interfaces. Given that MIXR is not oriented at gaming (it’s not a game engine!), but oriented to support more serious concerns, we felt it appropriate to align project name with the domain for which it offers strong support (i.e., mixed reality applications).

We started using the term “platform” as opposed to “framework” to indicate our goal of expanding (or widen) the scope of applications that can be created. A new website is being developed.