The MIXR team is a tight-knit group of individuals that provides a wealth of experience in the areas of software development, real-time system design, hardware specifications and the construction of constructive and virtual simulations. With the release of MIXR into the public domain, this team is growing. We are receiving emails on a regular basis that clearly indicates a desire to use the platform in new and interesting ways. Primary Contacts

Doug Hodson : Doug is the gatekeeper for the MIXR code. Hs is also the first person to contact for any MIXR related question. He maintains the website and the releases. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will point you to someone who does. A good place to ask questions is in the forum. In the picture, he is kneeling in the front row on the far right.

Chris Buell : Chris is a developer who is has been enhancing the framework and extending it into new directions. He created the OpenSpace application and built the JSBSim interface among many other development activities. In the picture, he is standing in the back row on the far left.

Rob Subr : Rob is a visual database and scenegraph guru. He is responsible for the visual databases posted on this site. In the picture, he is standing right next to Chris in the back row.

Dave Gehl : Dave is responsible for the overall design of the framework. He has over 30 years of experience in the area of real-time system design and simulation. In the picture, he is standing in the middle of the back row.

Lee Sines : Lee brings a wealth of graphics experience to framework development. He is the principle developer of the instrument and map libraries as well a enhancements to graphic library. He is also leveraging the framework with CORBA and DDS technologies to build interesting highly interactive distributed simulations. In the picture, he is the second person from the right in back row.