A new version has been posted on Sourceforge. This is the one referenced by the book titled “Designing & Implementing Virtual and Constructive Simulations Using OpenEaagles.” When compared to previous versions you will notice that we have specifically separated C++ source code implementation files (.cpp) from header files (.h). This facilitates the installation of header and library files in Linux (i.e. “make install”). Also of note is the removal of the “Lc” prefix in front of class names in the basic and basicGL libraries. Since OpenEaagles makes extensive use of namespaces, the legacy prefix is no longer needed. This has been compiled with Visual C++ 2005 Express Service Pack 1 and Fedora 8. Note: Visual C++ 2005 Express Service Pack #1 is an important service pack. All of the third-party libraries included in OpenEaagles3rdParty have been compiled using this version.

This is a good solid version and should serve as a nice baseline for some anticipated updates. OpenEaagles contains plenty of power and punch to build a wide variety of virtual and constructive simulation systems. The next few releases will focus on improving installation and integration issues to the point where it is seamless.